Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus price and Review the best phone

Samsung is one of the biggest tech giants in the world. It is a South Korean multinational Company which is situated in Seoul,the capital of South Korea.The company gives so many amazing and cool electronic devices to the world and no doubt Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is one of them. We have found a new way to interact with our special one through this awesome device.


The Operating system of S8 plus is Android and it is produced by Samsung Electronics as section of the Samsung Galaxy S series. The S8+ (plus) was officially unveiled on 29 March 2017 with pre-orders starting as on 30 March and official U.S. release on 21 April. So many amazing features are included in new Samsung Galaxy S8 plus phones,like Bixby Voice,Fingerprint Scanner ,IRIS scanner and another stunning fact is that  Samsung S8 plus is able to capture 360 degree panorama scenes.


It has a big beautiful infinity display.This display gives  incredible full screen experiences through creating a bezel-less and edge-to-edge screen. The Screen size is 6.2 inches and Quad HD plus super Amoled display(Gorilla Glass 5). The Camera is also a better part of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus.It always focuses on faces so there will be no problems to take perfect selfies and also easily taken photos in low light .It provides the facilities of keeping all important files,photos and videos with memory that’s expandable up to 256 GB or can easily insert a local SIM card when visiting abroad.The headphone of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is AKG branded ( AKG is an Austrian manufacture company). Battery capacity is 300 mAh and wireless charging is compatible with Wireless Power Consortium and Power Matters Alliance.


The most stunning features that Samsung S8 plus provides its users that is “Bixby Voice”. Bixby is a voice assistant solution which is similar to Amazon Alexa and and Google Assistant. It, an Artificial Intelligence based , is designed to simplify the interaction amid different devices. Bixby voice allows users to do everything with their voice that they used to do with the touch. That means users voice commands are enough to run their phones. Obviously no need to touch the device to perform any action. While comparing Bixby with Google Assistant and Alexa,the new voice assistant tool are smarter than its competitors. Bixby also gives the information to the visitors on what they are looking at and will recommend places to go.


Bixby provides intellectual and context-based information to the users by analyzing their behavior such as routine,schedule,personality and much more. Based on user’s patent behavior Bixby can predict what the users need and performs accordingly.Basically Bixby offers three properties –

  1. Completeness
  2. Context awareness
  3. Cognitive Tolerance

It will ultimately be available in all other Samsung products like televisions,air-conditioners,refrigerators etc. That means in future users will be able to control their electronic devices through Bixby.


Samsung Galaxy S8 plus provides great security System. For authentication this phone provides two types of security system like lock type(pattern,PIN,password) and Biometrics lock type (IRIS scanner,Fingerprint scanner,Face recognition).The Samsung Galaxy  will take the tech lovers beyond the limits of any phone they have ever known.The unboxing and review of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus are just given below-




  • Optical Image stabilization  (OSI) –                      yes
  • Water Resistant           yes
  • Bixby Voice (voice assistant technology)                                          yes
  • Dust Resistant                                                                                   yes
  • Extra Earbuds                                                                                    yes
  • Hybrid Sim Slot (dual sim)                                                                 yes
  • Dual pixel Technology                                                                       yes
  • Wireless Charging                                                                             yes
  • Weight (grams)                                                                                 173.0
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)                                                    Mali G71
  • SIM Type                                                                                           Nano-SIM




  • RAM                                                                    4 Gigabytes
  • Internal Storage                                                 64 Gigabytes
  • Expandable Storage                                              yes
  • Expandable Storage type                                     microSD
  • Processor                                                                                          
  • Expandable Storage up to                                                                256 Gigabytes





  • Screen Size                                                                     6.2 (inches)
  • Resolution                                                       2960*1440 pixels
  • Touchscreen                                                                yes
  • PPI (Pixels Per Inch)                                                                529





  • Operating system                                       Android 7.0 Nougat




  • Battery Capacity                                                                     3000 mAh(Non-Removable)





  • Coral Blue                                                                                            yes
  • Maple Gold                                                                                         Yes
  •  Arctic Silver                                                                                        Yes
  • Orchid Grey                                                                                          Yes
  • Midnight Black                                                                                      Yes





  • Back Camera-                                     12 Megapixel
  • Front camera –                                     8 Megapixel
  • Front Camera aperture                        f/1.7
  • PDFA  (phase-detect autofocus)                                                 Yes
  • LED Flash                                            Yes





  • Virus Protected                                                 yes
  • Malware Protected                                                                 Yes
  • Biometrics lock type                                                           yes
  • Knox Protection                                 yes
  • Secure Folder                                                                        Yes





  • On key                                                                                         Yes
  • Off Key                                                                                         Yes
  • Volume Key                                                                                   Yes
  • Bixby Key                                                                                       Yes





  • Wifi                                                                                            Yes
  • 2G                                                                                             Yes
  • 3G                                                                                             Yes
  • 4G                                                                                              Yes
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)                                             Yes
  • Bluetooth                                                                                     Yes



Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in different currencies:

The price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is different in each country even in Europe and even the country share the same border. However we have posted the price information of 64 Gigabytes version of Samsung S8 plus.


Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in United States – $850

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in United Kingdom – £779

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Netherlands –  899 Euro

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Australia – AUD $1,349

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Spain –  909 Euro

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Canada – CAD $1,115

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Belgium –  899 Euro

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Switzerland – CHF  899

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Portugal –  919.99 Euro

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Dubai –  3,099 AED

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Singapore – SGD $1,298

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Malaysia – RM 3,699

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Indonesia – Rp. 11,999,000

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Finland –  929 Euro.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Denmark –  6,999 kr.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Norway –  8,490 kr

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in Bangladesh – 83,900 TK.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus in India-   RS. 64,900.



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