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How to find good books from Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online electronic commerce and cloud computing American company. So it’s important to know how to find good quality of books from Amazon. As sometimes ratings of all the books may not be authentic because there are many paid and compensated reviewers. However, Amazon had banned “INCENTIVISED REVIEWS” but they are not removing all the old incentivized reviews to reflect the actual ratings.The topic is quite interesting and it can be described from two perspectives. Finding the books from a trustworthy source to ensure that the books are actually good or not. Such as-


Finding the books from a trustworthy source to ensure that the books are actually good or not. Such as-

1) GoodReads Reviews:
GoodReads is a platform where readers, writers, book reviewers etc. come together to exchange and explore more about the literature world. So it is not only a website but also a huge platform. GoodReads reviews are more helpful than Amazon reviews.

They have some analytic tools which are known as “GR ENGINE”. This service uses some powerful algorithm in a background. So, no doubt that GoodReads reviews help readers to find a good book from Amazon. Though GoodReads is an Amazon Company and social cataloging website and the website permits anyone to search GoodReads’ database of books and reviews. They may also be able to create their own groups of books, suggestions, surveys/polls, blogs, and discussions.

2) Review Sites:
There are some review sites (especially blogs) only for book reviews that can be a solution to this problem. Such as BookBrowse, BookRabbit, Shelfari, LibraryThing etc. Book lovers can analysis the reviews and then make the decision that they will buy that required book from Amazon or not.
3) Friends Recommendations:
A manual way but will be the best part of searching a good book from Amazon and that is friends recommendations.
4) Social Sites:
In this century we have found a new way to interact with our special one or friends or folks through social sites. We can easily collect data or information through these social sites. Social Sites give a way to search anything in a more friendly way.
There are so many seeking groups, helping groups on those social sites. Anyone can know reviews of books by posting a question in that groups or social sites.

5) Editorial Reviews:
A Booklovers can check the editorial reviews that are often placed on the book’s information.
6) Android Apps or iPhone Apps:
For all book lovers, there are many Android apps as well as iOS apps. By using these apps a book lover can interact with other book lovers around the world and also read book reviews. Such as- Kindle for Android, Google Play Books, Aldiko Book Reader, Audible, AReader, No limit Loop, BookYup and so on and so forth.
7) BookTube:
Most of us heard about the YouTube but very few of them know about the BookTube. YouTube provides a great opportunity to make BookTube. BookTube is a community of vloggers (a person who make video blog) that focuses on book reviews and discussions. Booktubers will make recommendations of their favorite books to their viewers.

The second perspective is -checking the reviews on Amazon, that the reviews are authentic or not. So it’s natural that a question will come into our mind that- Are there any websites that analyze an Amazon listed product (book) for review authenticity?
The answer is “YES”. There are sites like and that analyze reviews for any product (obviously also for books) listed on Amazon and give a rating for the user review authenticity.
Fakespot is an online tool that helps anyone to separate the junk reviews from the useful ones. Fakespot is a free site but recently they introduced a premium option, fake spot plus, which automatically displays reviews online on Amazon product pages. It can really Clutter Up Amazon, the largest online e-commerce site. The site’s links are-

Last but not the least important fact is that a good book is a constant friend of book lovers. A good book can change a person’s life and his thoughts. The importance of good books is beyond description. So obviously book lovers have to take the wise decision which book will buy from Amazon.

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